These kind words have been shared by clients.

"Fenneke helped me push through the fear, reconnect to my inner strength and achieve my goal. I have gained greater confidence and trust in myself. My new motto is: I can do it!" ∼ SR, Certified Life Coach, St. Louis, Missouri, USA 

"I was struggling with low confidence in the workplace and in my personal life. Fenneke gave me tools to learn about myself, empower myself and discover my strengths, as well as activities that were very valuable between sessions. Her experience with mindfulness and meditation makes her an excellent listener and guide. I would recommend Fenneke to anyone looking to grow, meet their goals (professionally or personally) or create lasting habits." ∼ Delaney Beaton, Coordinator, BC & Western Region at David Suzuki Foundation

"For over a year, I have been coached by Fenneke and I have been able to take many steps forward in reaching my private and business goals. I have learnt to listen to myself, and to create time and space for my needs. I can now set boundaries and have gained a number of tools to deal with stress. I now live and run my business from what I find important: being in connection with and empowering others.

Fenneke has the gift to sense my energy, take me by the hand and walk with me, even over a distance of 7,548 km through skype. She holds up a mirror and kept bringing me back on track, not allowing me to feed my negative images. Her ability to combine coaching with mindfulness exercises helped me to center, ground and stay close to myself. She loves her work and really cares for her clients and that is so important to me. I can highly recommend Fenneke as your coach towards a happy life." ∼ Dorien Roling, Master Flower Designer, Kanagawa, Japan

"Perfectionism didn’t help me to cover up my feelings of unworthiness and shame. Although I did a lot to become a more balanced person with better self-esteem, I have remained anxious and a “driven” self-damaging perfectionist. My system was stuck in reverse and I just couldn’t stop - until a few months ago. Since the starting of the sessions with the warm- hearted Fenneke as my coach, my self-insights have deepened and it’s changing me. Fenneke offered me several healing tools and ways to help myself.

The best part for me was how much more focused I’m feeling after being able to calm myself down more successfully when feeling lost and distressed. Now, I feel greater objectivity and self-awareness. I don’t take other people’s emotions and moods so personal anymore. I don’t feel so overwhelmed by the number of things I “should” be doing. Sometimes I realize I just don’t want to do a thing. I notice when I’m getting lost and insecure, but I don’t bawl myself out so often. I’m feeling more who I am, and have fewer downs. It seems there’s always something I can do to help myself feel better. And I don’t have to accomplish some worthy task outside of myself to do it! Fenneke has such patience and her warmth is absolutely overwhelming. She spoke to me on Skype from Canada, where she lives, and she made the sun come out in my home here in Austria." ∼ Carol Streefkerk, Artist, Gymnastics and Horse Trainer, Austria

"Having experienced Fenneke's yoga and meditation practice I felt comfortable having her coach me. Fenneke's coaching helped me transition through a very hard time in my life coming to terms with grief, parenting a child with special needs, moving country and redefining my priorities in life. I will be forever grateful." ∼ Sheena, mother of two high-needs kids and biomedical physiologist, North Vancouver

"I was struggling with a number of issues – the death of my father, challenges at work and my physical health and was having a hard time shifting my attitude and feeling happiness as I once had.  I worked with Fenneke for a six month period and it has shifted my thinking and I am happier than I have been for a long time.  I wasn’t expecting to make this much progress and I am so happy Fenneke came into my life because it was through regular coaching sessions that I have found myself again.  I have learned a lot about myself but also a number of tools and ways for me to live life with more mindfulness.  More “being” and less “doing” have allowed me to enjoy the simple moments and understand what is truly important.  I am in a great place and I highly recommend Fenneke as a coach."  ∼ Anne, COO, North Vancouver

"You are an amazing life coach! I liked your stepwise approach and your patience. Your positivity and choice of words made me more receptive and encouraged me to work on challenges more easily. The genuine way you cared is appreciated." ∼ NK, Pharmacist, North Vancouver

"In the three months that we worked together, I had so much fun being guided by her creative exercises, soothing voice and homework. I found myself laughing and being open and feeling playful while navigating through some pretty serious life changes. Fenneke intuitively knew when to step up as a handrail, when to just sit back and be a soft place to land (listening empathically) and when to be the voice to shoo out negative thought patterns and archetypes that had been sabotaging flow and keeping me stuck. Fenneke modelled healthy ways of setting boundaries and clearly articulating needs, while always exuding warmth and compassion. I really felt 'seen' and heard by her on a deep level. She helped me clear blocks and continue moving forward with strength, joy and serenity." ∼ Tina, Truth Seeker and Speaker, Los Angeles & Vancouver

"Working with Fenneke as my co-active coach, has brought me closer to my Self. She has given me tools and insight that helps me find my balance in everyday life. She has helped me see the true beauty of my being. I am forever grateful for this gift."  Riekje Steinman - Tjallingii, Primary school teacher and creativity coach, Driel, The Netherlands

"Fenneke always helped me believe in me when I failed to do so myself. She not only spoke the words; they were sincere and heart felt. She was gentle when I needed comfort and support, direct when I needed to become aware of my patterns. Coaching helped me in a way I had never imagined to be possible."  Diane Xuereb, Success Coach

"Fenneke helped me connect to my breathing. Using her tricks and methods I was able to relax myself and alleviate fear. She helped me focus and maintain calm in difficult scenarios. With her help and utilising her strategies, I confidently navigated through a telephone interview with a large corporation, netting me a job in Austria with Cirque du Soleil. They saw my potential as I calmly spoke with them, providing sufficient examples and answers to unique PR questions. I look forward to now seeing the world with this uplifting relaxed persona. I will use her advice in the future so I can showcase my skills. I would use Fenneke again in the future and encourage people to seek her relaxed, educated insight. Thanks for your help Fenneke."  Nicholas Chalecki, Carpenter foreman, Vancouver

"Fenneke is genuine and cares about her clients. We worked on my personal and professional motivation. I have realized two ideas that I have thought of for a long time and they were more of a dream than a real plan. She helped me to remember my strengths, she didn't judge me. Thank you Fenneke." ∼ IU, Professional Certified Coach, U.S.A. 

"I was struggling with indecision and unhappy in a few areas of my life. I was casting about for solutions, but generally just spinning my wheels, making little to no progress for months. I did not know if the investment in working with a coach could be worth it for me, but I was curious and motivated to change. From our first connection, Fenneke provided needed support and perspective, so I decided I had to give it a try. I was provoked into more resourceful states by her caring engagement, consistent creativity and playful energy. Once I started to see things in a novel way, I was better able to make progress. Old thoughts and patterns were called out, questioned and invigorated with new options for living my life; I am still benefiting from sessions we had weeks ago. She met me where I was and, with patient assistance and validation, helped move me closer to where I wanted to be.

I now know that to work with Fenneke, is to invoke a powerful synergy that would be impossible to create by myself and that is well worth the investment of my time, energy and money." Tiffany K. Vancouver, BC

"I invited Fenneke to host two events as part of Kabuni Academy - a professional development series run from Kabuni House in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. She was an excellent presenter and engaged with each attendee on a personal level throughout the workshops. Her two workshops 'Let your Intuition work for you' and 'Tapping into your Creativity' were fascinating and I would highly recommend her as a mentor or guest speaker." Harriet Goodwin, Marketing and Events Manager, Kabuni, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you Fenneke for a practical and relevant workshop. You guided us gently through the important steps to Doable Discipline making it clear that we need to understand ourselves more for success in what we want most in life. A terrific workshop for anyone who wants to achieve a goal or live a fulfilled life." ∼ Kat Garrod, Yoga Teacher and participant in the Doable Discipline Workshop


I not only feel deeply connected to my true self, but also to others and the planet. As part of this synergy, I care, share and serve. I not only want to create magic in my clients' lives,  I want to help create more magic and therefore I am active in the community in various places and in different roles. If you know of an initiative that you think can use my attention, please share it with me.